Photo and Video Production

We are a full service production house based in Bucharest, Romania, dealing with everything from advertising to fashion, photo- and videography, all the way to GIFs and cinemagraphs. Anything you want, we can organize. We are happy to look after every aspect of your production, sourcing the entire crew: casting, locations, set design, equipment and studio rental, make-up and hair styling, wardrobe styling, retouch and post-production.

Service Productions

We can fully take care of your productions in Romania and in surrounding countries. Our team can fix all travel and transport arrangements, get the best people, fix all language barriers... you name it. But we are not only about logistics, our approach combines a high level of efficiency and honesty with a flexibility and appreciation for each project’s goals. Your plan can be achieved with the best budget optimization strategy, putting together cost effective creative solutions. Whatever your shoot requires, we make it happen.

Artist Representation and Talent Management

Our goal is building and growing a strong team of talented artists, offering long term guidance and support. We welcome both emerging and established talents.


Location Scouting

We have a good database of locations and we work with the best locally based location managers. Bucharest, the capital, is a city of contrasts, mixing baroque and art deco architecture with communist and modern buildings, some beautifully restored and other still carrying the authentic scent of old times. 

The Danube Delta, the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea are within 2-3 hours drive from Bucharest. You will be truly amazed by epic and unspoiled mountain landscapes in the Carpathians and the wild Danube Delta paradise, with traditional fishermen villages and an abundance of species of birds and fish.

Heading west, you come to discover old medieval cities (Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Cluj), fairytale castles (Bran, Peles, Corvinilor), authentic villages (Maramures, Bucovina), wooden churches and painted monasteries (the north of the country). One of the most valuable Romanian treasures is the unspoiled countryside, with it’s handicrafts and traditional folk costumes. Old villages like Viscri, Malancrav, Crit, Miclosoara, Breb, Copsa Mare and aristocratic mansions like Conacul Polizu, Conacul lui Maldar, Conacul dintre vii, Castelul Zabola, all beautifully restored, can become the perfect setting for your shooting.

Set Design and Props

We work with great prop stylists and art directors who can transform your sets. Special cars, trained animals, plants, food, design objects, furniture pieces and many more can be sourced for you.

Casting Services

We deal with model and talent agencies for you, taking care of all usage rights and negotiating fees. We have access to a wide range of databases and can set up castings sessions for models, actors, children and extras to help you find the perfect face for your project.

casting full lenght stripe.jpg
casting faces.jpg

Equipment and Studio Rental

We are partners with one of the best fully equipped studios and rental houses in Bucharest, The Brewery Rental Studios. Just sent us your requirements and we will put the kits together. 

Retouch and Post-Production

In-house retouch and editing with freelance CGI artists and illustrators for specific needs.